Discovering the wonders of the seas

Seafood restaurant near Florence

Our seafood restaurant is located near Florence, between Impruneta and Grassina, and offers rich and abundant portions, in a convivial and cheerful atmosphere, accompanied by excellent local and Italian wines.

The sea is our passion and we dedicate ourselves to fish cooking with great enthusiasm and care. All our dishes are cooked from fish and quality raw materials: only in this way, we can ensure a seafood cuisine at high levels of taste. The rest is done by the skill and competence of our chefs, who every day offer dishes of the day alongside the great classics of our cuisine.

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The marvellous Jacks

A unique proposal in the panorama of fish restaurants in Florence (and everywhere!) are our marvellous Jacks. These are great fish dishes, designed to be shared between two, three or even four people if combined with another course. Abundant, majestic, rich and delicious dishes that make mouth’s watering just looking at them.

The Jacks are the flagship of our seafood restaurant, a delight unobtainable in Florence and its surroundings, which makes us unique.

The superb Catalana Imperiale with its lobster and shrimps of first choice accompanied by crispy fruits and vegetables; the amazing linguine with crustaceans of the Pagoda and the Grilled Sultan, rich and tasty, are just some of our Jacks.

The Pagoda

(shellfish linguine with crab, scampi and prawns)

The Gran Fish Paella

Caribbean Spaghetti

(seafood, cherry tomatoes and whole lobster)

Seafood Linguini

Pescatora Pasta in Red

(seafood and pomarola)

The Sultan’s Grill

(prawns, calamari, fresh open sea bream, potatoes
and seasonal vegetables in the oven)

The Imperial Catalan

(lobster, scampi, prawns, steamed squid with raw vegetables,
balsamic fruit and various sauces)

Sail to the wonders
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