A journey into the depths of
the sea with menus

Un viaggio nelle profondità del mare con i menù Scelti dal Capitano

The special proposals of our seafood restaurant between Impruneta and Grassina

For those who want to immerse themselves completely in the depths of our sea, we have a selection of proposals chosen by the Captain.

Our seafood specials are a unique feature of our seafood restaurant, located between Impruneta and Grassina, a guarantee for those who wonder where to eat well in Florence and its surroundings.

We offer three menus that include different courses, a full meal all fish-based, at a special price.


2 Chef Appetizers

Pescatora Pasta in Red

Bream and Prawns Baked with Vegetables

Sorbet or Liquor and Coffee

€ 28,00
per person (excluding drinks)


Hot Sea Pan

Spanish Calamari Soup

Fresh Marinated Anchovies

The Pagoda (linguine with crab, scampi, prawns and lobster)

Gran San Martino Fish Fry

Sorbet or Liquor and Coffee

€ 33,00
per person (excluding drinks)


3 Sea Starters

Gran Seafood Linguini

Gnocchi with Fresh Salmon and Gorgonzola Tear

Gran San Martino Fish Fry

Grilled Prawns

Sorbet or Liquor and Coffee

€ 35,00
per person (excluding drinks)

Come on and discover their tastiness